Safety Module
Basic Safety
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Floor-Plan Safety Layout * View & Print
Hazardous Materials Power Point * Power Point
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MSDS Page for Shop Chemicals * MSDS Page
  Quiz Directions
MSDS Quiz * Quiz
Safety Test * *Quiz Directions*
Read the safety chapter in your automotive text, complete the chapter 5 PDF worksheet, take the on-line chapter 5 quiz, and then take this safety test. There are five parts to this test. You must get 100% on all five of the test parts, but you have an unlimited number of tries. After completing this test with a 100%, print out the result from the print icon on the test task bar. When you have completed and printed all five parts with 100%, staple them together and turn them in to your instructor. Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Obtain Safety Glasses *& Closed Toed Shoes *